Train Accidents

Legal Representation Following a Train AccidentBeing involved in a passenger train accident or general train accident can lead to severe property damage, life changing injuries, and potentially even wrongful death. Because of a train’s size and weight, these vehicles are not only difficult to slow down, but also capable of inflicting large scale impact. Seek guidance and advice from a local and experienced train accident attorney at Action Law Offices.

The details of a train accident must be analyzed thoroughly in order to determine fault and obtain compensation for injuries and damages. Railroad companies and commuter rail lines have a legal obligation to maintain the highest level of safety for all passengers. They are required to install a black box on all locomotives – a device that records information that may be very necessary to review in the event of an accident.

While the railway is responsible for safety, they may not always live up to what they are supposed to do. However, it is not always the fault of the railway or conductor. There can be many factors involved in personal injury cases arising from a serious or deadly train accident. It is vital to hire an attorney that is highly knowledgeable in railroad accident litigation.

Receive Compensation After a Train Accident

In order to collect the money you need and deserve, you must have your accident investigated to demonstrate negligence. Our law firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of injured victims. Because a train accident nearly always causes serious injuries and huge medical expenses, our lawyers identify all potentially liable parties and fully assess the effect of the injuries on our client’s health and future. The Wisconsin personal injury lawyers at Action Law Offices have helped accident victims and their families recover full and fair compensation for medical expenses, noneconomic damages, wrongful death, and more. Make sure you receive the compensation you need and deserve. Talking to an experienced personal injury lawyer costs you nothing — and it can give you peace of mind and a fair settlement.

Train Accident Causes & Liability

A “train accident” can refer to any railroad accident that involves a pedestrian, car, vehicle, or another train. Some common types or causes of train accidents are listed here:

  • Accidents at unprotected railroad crossing
  • Railroad crossing collision
  • Train mechanical failure
  • Problems with the train track
  • Train derailment accident
  • Train crash with another train
  • Train runs over distracted pedestrian
  • Train accident caused by human error

Train Derailment Accident

There are over 3,000 miles of rail lines and more than ten freight rail companies operating in the state of Wisconsin. Train derailments are usually caused by problems on the track itself. Most derailments are insignificant, unless they crash into cars, houses, other trains, or pedestrians. Due to updates in technology, these types of accidents are far less common than they were 30 years ago. However, train derailment accidents do still happen on occasion.

Train and Stalled Vehicle Accident

Cars, especially older ones, can stall out anywhere on the road including at intersections, and on train tracks. Sometimes, railroad tracks are higher than the surrounding road to allow for water to drain. If a car moves too slowly and stalls on the high tracks, it can get stuck, making it difficult to attempt to push the car out of the way. When a car stalls on the train tracks, and a train is coming, this can be a real problem. If the driver and occupants of the car don't get out in time; they could be thrown a distance upon impact, sustain life-threatening injuries, dismemberment, or even death.

What to do After a Train Accident

Contacting an attorney at Action Law Offices is the first step toward compensation for your damages. With the help of an experienced train accident attorney, you can seek compensation for medical expenses, ongoing medical treatment, wrongful death, pain and suffering, and additional noneconomic damages.

As always, there are no fees unless we succeed on your claim. If you've been hit by a train, contact us today for a free initial case evaluation with an attorney.