Personal Injury Claims

How Do Personal Injury Claims Work?

When careless or negligent action or inaction results in the injury of an individual, that person can file a personal injury claim. Such claims address civil complaints against businesses, individuals, or virtually any entity. These situations can often be complicated and strained; difficult to prove who is at fault and potentially involving more than one party. Insurance companies may not be willing to pay for the full extent of medical expenses, lost wages, and other forms of distress or loss. Since 1999, Attorneys at Action Law Offices have been here to guide you – and to significantly extend the monetary amount of your injury compensation.

We have the resources required to handle complicated personal injury cases of all types. In addition to a professional administrative and paralegal staff, we bring in experienced investigators, engineers, medical professionals, and other expert witnesses as needed to prove fault and hold negligent parties accountable. We’ll bring you a speedy and low-stress resolution to your case; rest assured you won’t be pushed around by massive insurance conglomerates.

Accidents interrupt and disrupt your life. Side effects may be short- or long-term, physical or mental. When accidents happen, you are going to have questions. We answer many questions during your free case evaluation. This free legal advice is the first step towards obtaining the compensation you deserve.

After speaking with an attorney, you may choose to meet in person at one of our three office locations, all conveniently located in the Metro-Milwaukee area. Accidents aren’t predictable, but our results are. Preserve your legal rights and maximize your compensation by hiring Action Law Offices to represent you. Injured? Take Action!