Child Injuries

Child Injury Legal Assistance and AidWhen a child is injured, they depend upon responsible, loving adults and child injury attorneys to be their advocates. If you are a parent, you know how difficult it can be to see your child injured. You would take on the pain yourself if you could.

At Action Law Offices in Wisconsin, we are lawyers that represent injured children. We understand parental concerns regarding children, and are here to help you and your family. From our law offices in Milwaukee, Racine/Kenosha, and West Bend, our child injury lawyers serve injured children throughout southeastern Wisconsin with heartfelt dedication. We want to get to the bottom of what, or whom, caused your child's injury. If your child was injured because of someone else's negligent or deliberate actions, our child injury lawyers have the resources to investigate and demand fair compensation.

Types of Child Injuries

There is no shortage of opportunities for a young child to become injured. Minor injuries, such as small cuts, scrapes, and bruises are bound to happen. Participation in sports or playground activities such as a slide may pose a risk for greater injuries such as sprains and broken bones. Bouncy houses, bike accidents, or swallowing a hazardous object, such as a magnet or battery, have been known to cause havoc on a small body. Poisons can quickly kill a child when ingested. Shopping carts and falling TVs or furniture can cause serious head injuries to a small child. Car accidents can be especially dangerous, especially if the child is not restrained in a protective car seat. Just about anything could happen for a minor child to be injured in an accident.

The questions is, "did the accident happen as a result of the negligence of someone else?" If you answer "yes" to the question, or if you speculate that the answer may be "yes," seek an attorney who has experience representing children. After your free consultation with an Action Law Offices accident lawyer, you'll find that the legal advice provided is a good place to start.

Child Injury Scenarios

  • Was your child injured in an auto accident? Despite the safety intention of car seats, they can be recalled for defects or installed incorrectly. Even if the child was buckled in correctly with a properly functioning child-seat or seatbelt, an auto accident can be especially devastating to a fragile child. Children will likely suffer more seriously injuries than an adult. Our law firm can determine what caused the car accident.
  • Did your child get hit by a car? If your child was injured in a dart-out accident (running into the street), was the driver taking appropriate care? Was your child crossing the street? If your child was injured while biking, did the driver of the vehicle take all necessary precautions? Our law firm can determine who is really at fault and hold that party responsible.
  • Did negligence cause serious injury to your child? When an apartment complex sets the water temperature too high and a child suffers a burn injury, when a playground swing is poorly repaired and causes a fall and brain injury, someone has to be held accountable. When an improperly maintained swimming pool causes a drowning accident, or when a dog bites a child, someone is responsible. It is our job to uncover the details to find out who should be held liable.
  • Did your child ingest a dangerous product? A lopsided step stool at a daycare, a poorly designed toy, an inappropriate medication or toxic liquid can put a child in great danger. Was an adult supposed to be responsible for the safety of your child? We have experience with defective products (products liability) and many more child-related cases. Discuss your case with an injury lawyer who knows how to make an effective claim.
  • Was your child assaulted? Our personal injury attorneys have handled difficult cases involving physical assaults and sexual assaults of children. We have the compassion to help you through a difficult time and the legal knowledge to hold the responsible people accountable (including their employers if necessary). For medical and psychological injuries your child may have suffered, our law firm can help get the compensation you deserve.
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