Multi-Car Accidents

Multi Car Accident LawsuitIn one year alone, Wisconsin suffered the tragic deaths of 276 people involved in a multi-car accidents. This is nearly half of all traffic related deaths reported in Wisconsin according to "2018 IIHS Fatality Facts Data.

When more than a few vehicles are involved in an accident, the chain reaction is often referred to as a “multi-car pile-up” or “multi-car accident.” In Wisconsin, these accidents most frequently occur on rural or urban interstates such as I-94 or I-41. It is always the responsibility of the driver to do what is necessary to ensure the safety of their passengers, occupants, and other drivers. When a driver fails, and environmental conditions are just right, the stage could be set for a deadly chain reaction.

Help After Multi-Car Accident

Multi-car pile-ups involve a variety of vehicles that may include large trucks, cars, SUV’s, and occasionally a pedestrian. Due to speed and other circumstances, there are likely a multitude of injured victims. These cases are known to be extremely complex. There are many drivers involved which means there are many insurance companies involved. Likely, there are many injuries from minor to traumatic. These cases require a layered investigation that should only be handled by a reputable, and experienced, personal injury law firm like Action Law Offices. Speak with a multi-car accident attorney to learn about your rights. Complete our "Take Action" free evaluation form.

Wisconsin Weather

Especially in Wisconsin, slick road conditions or low visibility due to seasonal weather conditions are common, and especially difficult to drive in. Roadway hazards intensify when bad weather conditions impact visibility. Low or no visibility will make it nearly impossible to see disabled cars on the side of the road, brake lights, road signs, or other vehicles until close proximity. Bridges, ramps, overpasses, highways, and US county roads become risky. People who drive too fast for weather conditions or those that follow too closely behind other vehicles are putting everyone on the roadway or highway at risk. In these conditions, a quick motion or attempt to hard brake can easily lead to a chain reaction whereby successive vehicles slam into each other.

Multi-Car Accident During Commute

Many multi-car accidents that involve several vehicles occur during rush hour when there are a large number of vehicles heading to or from work. One wrong move; one careless or negligent driver is all it takes. In other cases, folks are just trying to get from one place to the next. In February of 2019, the largest multi-car pileup in Wisconsin's history occurred in Winnebago County. The accident involved 131 vehicles on Interstate 41 and lead to a death and over 170 injured people. 

After Pileup Crash: Sitting Duck

Another unfortunate situation that can occur as a result of a multi-vehicle accident involves people in, around, and behind the crash itself. Drivers and passengers stuck in the mess report feeling like a "sitting duck" as they wait for help to arrive. Inattentive or speeding drivers directly behind the pileup can cause additional crashes. Motorists may find themselves stuck in a line behind the wreck for miles, and endure hours of delay. The worst thing anyone can do in this situation is to get out of their car or attempt to make any type of quick maneuver.

Passengers of Small Vehicles are Most at Risk

Passengers of small cars, mini-cars, and small pickups are most at risk for serious injury, or death when the multi-car crash involves a large truck. Large trucks carry tons of weight, they are long, sometimes carry hazardous cargo, and they can cause a lot of damage. When a semi-truck loses control, it can find itself in a "jackknife" situation which causes it to slam into nearby vehicles.

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