Scars or Burns

Our personal injury lawyers have helped thousands of clients who have faced disfigurement and surgery because of the burns and scars left by accident injuries. We care about our clients and it shows in our concern and determination to help.

  • An apartment complex did not have sufficient hot water heater capacity, so they increased the temperature. A small child suffered painful, disfiguring injuries from hot water scalding.
  • A spa did not test the heat and chemicals they were using. What should have been a pleasant pedicure turned into a second-degree chemical burn injury to the customer.
  • Gas leaked from a defective stove. The explosion caused serious burn injuries to family members.
  • After a car accident, the victim had serious burn injuries on the face and chest. The injuries were caused by the car's air bag.
  • dog bite attack left a little girl with scars on her face and neck.

Chemical burns, burns from fires and explosions, and road rash from a motorcycle accident all require extensive, painful medical treatment including skin grafts and plastic surgery. Our law firm will investigate the accident, identify all liable parties, and fight for fair compensation for your injuries.

When you are dealing with the pain and medical treatment of burn injuries and disfiguring scars, please know that you can hand over your legal concerns to the personal injury attorneys at Action Law Offices.

Airbag Deployment Resulting in Burns Legal Representation for Disfigurement