Commercial Truck Accident

Commercial Truck Accident

Most food and supplies are delivered by big rigs and other large trucks. Other delivery options are available, yet the trucking industry continues to grow in demand.  There are real dangers to be aware of while sharing the road with these massive vehicles. If you have been left seriously injured from an accident with a commercial truck, you may have the right to sue for damages. These cases can be very complicated. Get your free injury case evaluation with an Action Law Offices lawyer.

Proving Fault Can Get Complicated

One may think that the testing and regulations around commercial trucking would make these drivers less likely to be involved in accidents. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, there has been a rise in the number of large-truck accidents over recent years. (Including a rise in fatalities.) Statistics show that the accidents are caused mostly by commercial driver errors, negligence, and distractions. When suing for injury compensation, there are multiple places to evaluate. For example, the cab may be owned by one company, and the trailer by another; the driver of the truck, and owner of the freight different. There could also be a third party maintenance businesses involved or even manufacturers in the case of a machinery defect. Your personal injury attorney will evaluate all responsible parties including the owners and insurance of multiple companies.

Commercial Truck Crash Facts

Legally, an 18-wheeler carrying goods can weigh up to 80,000 lbs. The weight of a semi truck compared to a passenger vehicle can be devastating. Commercial truck drivers do not always follow the rules of the road nor do they operate with safety top of mind. FMCSA reports that 7 out of 10 people killed in auto crashes caused by large trucks are occupants of passenger vehicles. More than half of crashes that involve commercial trucks happen on rural roads. Overall traffic fatalities went down in 2019, but fatalities involving large-truck crashes increased.

As an increasing number of large trucks are traveling throughout Wisconsin, it is important to take note of the dangers and be more proactive. Anyone who drives a vehicle should be aware of the dangers posed by semi’s and other trucks. By reporting commercial vehicles that are driving in a reckless manner, their CDL licenses could be removed, and accidents prevented. The problem is too few of these drivers are ever reported. If you see a commercial vehicle operating in an unsafe manner, please pull over safely, and report them.

Wisconsin Commercial Truck Drivers

To be a commercial truck driver in Wisconsin, one must be a legal U.S. citizen and have a state driver’s license. A commercial driver’s license, (CDL), is required, as well as a Federal Medical Card. (Driver must pass a medical examination in accordance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.) The medical DOT mandate was put into place in 2014 to reduce the number of accidents due to medical conditions. However, the mandates did not lessen the number of accidents caused by negligence, driver error, distracted drivers, or other factors.

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