Accident During COVID-19

If you’re involved in an accident during COVID-19, do not put off seeking the advice of an attorney as it could have a negative impact on your personal injury lawsuit. Your safety is as important as a settlement that compensates fully for your injuries and other losses. At a time when our law firm, and many state courts have extended virtual service options, there is no beneficial reason to wait. If we decide to take on your case, you will have plenty of virtual options to choose from. All of this, while you heal from your injuries.

Legal Services During COVID-19

We understand that many people are suffering, just dealing with the pandemic. Wondering how to safely pursue a personal injury lawsuit can seem overwhelming. We ask that you don’t hold off on contacting Action Law Offices due to COVID-19. Many attorney services have traditionally involved “virtual” communication such as teleconferencing and email. For example, accident reports can be requested online. Medical records can be faxed. Accident photos or videos & witness statements can be uploaded digitally. Clients and witnesses can be interviewed by phone, videoconference or by email. In a nutshell, we are used to working in a virtual environment for many of our services. Amidst the pandemic we are in, we will work even harder to ensure you feel both safe and well-represented.

Capture Fresh Evidence

Witness photos or videos from at the scene of an accident are always helpful. Yet some of the best evidence is gathered during the investigation stage which is a small window- up to several days after an accident has occurred. Avoid losing fresh evidence with each passing day. Report your accident to the insurance company. Then, call our personal injury law firm so we can get the investigation started.  Whether at home or from your hospital bed; we are here for you. Your initial consultation is free. Before the insurance company uses the pandemic or a handful of other tactics against you, hire us to ensure your rights are protected.

Reject Insurance Excuses

As the world around us has changed during COVID-19, so have the excuses used by insurance companies. Having an accident during COVID-19 is bad enough; at a time when they could be showing compassion, they can be even more difficult to deal with. Do not let insurance companies and their adjusters put profit over injured people through unreasonable delays and low settlement offers. When you have an experienced attorney on you’re side, they’ll be less likely to play games.

Max Compassion & Compensation

At Action Law Offices, we understand the complexities at hand. Especially during this pandemic, we aim to provide the highest standards of compassion and obtain maximum compensation for your case. From the initial free evaluation, to the accident investigation, hiring negotiating with insurance companies, and virtually every step of the personal injury process, this focus does not change. There is no insurance company that will give you that honor. Make that first step and talk to one of our attorneys. If we take on your case, we will take it from there so you can worry less. More reasons to hire Action Law Offices.

DISCLAIMER: Blogs and articles cover very basic accident and injury topics for education and awareness such as statistics, Wisconsin Laws, injury areas, compensation and injury victim rights. Information not intended for legal advice; consult with an attorney directly.

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